Director’s Statement

Photo by Christ Hartlove

I like to think of directors like I think of the explorers of old. We directors lead expeditions into the unknown, in search of riches, new routes, and beauty. Often the path has been trod before—but never by us, and never with this team of people, and never in this way. Whatever we find, we’ll bring it home with us, and show what we’ve found to those who could not explore so they might also be rich, or benefit from the new route, or appreciate the beauty we have discovered. Any given director may choose just one specific place to explore and become the expert of that region, or they might travel around the world—meeting new cultures, seeking out the best in every place, and adding it all together into a single rich understanding of the world in which we live.

Every expedition is worthwhile; I see value in exploring Brecht, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Kushner, and Kane; Marlowe, Barba, Parks, Valdez, and myself.  Some expeditions I’ll never have the chance to go on, and others I won’t be fully ready for when the opportunity presents itself, but luckily our careers as directors are much like the rehearsal process we conduct—there is study, revelation, failure, and growth. The expeditions I have gone on so far have allowed me to discover what it is I love best about theatre—it’s an art form of endless possibility where lack of imagination is the only true limitation. Being in a room full of talented, collaborative people who appreciate the task at hand and are ready to dive into big challenges and unknowns for an attempt at truth, genius, or something greater that cannot be put to words, is an environment I live for.

Directing the Stones during an open rehearsal for Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice.

I do theatre for three different parties—my audience, my artists, and myself. I endeavor to make all of us think, feel, wonder, question, laugh, and grow. I work to see us change from the time we walk into the space to the time we walk out. All three of us have an important inter-dependent relationship, and I’m interested in gradually exploring what can be done to deepen that relationship beyond the performance—whether it be place-based art, open rehearsals, performance involving community, or theatre for a specific and select audience. I love how we can bring people into the world created by a production, or how we can bring the theatre to their world, or how we can envision and build a new world together.

How do we ensure our art form stays relevant to those we share our lives with? How can we make a positive difference with our work? How can we gain a deeper understanding of our humanity through the magical and transformative act of live theatre?  At the root of my work and my life I’m driven by both my curiosity and my faith in humanity. I am a problem solver and a team builder, and theatre is the elusive, powerful, and elegantly simple medium by which I explore.