Artistic Resume

Directing Experience

Director          The Ramayana by Peter Oswald             Carver Center for the Arts, 2014
Director          Poe: A Critical Autobiography                Baltimore Performance Kitchen (BPK), 2013-14
Director          Bat, Bird, Bike, Box                                    BPK, 2013
Director          Romeo & Juliet in Station North             BPK, 2013
Director          The Socks                                                      CENTERSTAGE Young Playwrights Festival, 2013 
Director          A City Divided by Jon Spelman               City of Baltimore, 2011
Director          Rumpled by Single Carrot Theatre          Single Carrot Theatre (SCT), 2011
Director          Murder Ink by Anna Ditkoff                     SCT, 2011
Director          The Other Shore by Gao Xingjian            SCT, 2010
Director          Tragedy: a tragedy by Will Eno              SCT, 2010
Director          Murder Ink by Anna Ditkoff                     SCT, 2010
Director          Sleeping Beauty                                           Pumpkin Theatre, 2009
Director          Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl                              SCT, 2009
Director          Checkout by Ruby Tambarino                   CENTERSTAGE Young Playwrights Festival, 2009
Director           The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen               SCT, 2009
Director           Crave by Sarah Kane                                  SCT, 2008
Director           Richard III by William Shakespeare       SCT, 2008
Director           The Lima Bean Tree                                   CENTERSTAGE Young Playwrights Festival, 2008
Director           Murder Ink by Anna Ditkoff                     SCT, 2008
Director           The Light is Like Water by Gabriel Garcia Marquez  SCT, 2007
Director           Red Light Winter by Adam Rapp            SCT, 2007
Director           Pyramus and Thisbe                                  SCT, 2006
Director           The Lightweight Traveler                         24-Hour Players, 2005
Director           Chekov’s The Bear                                      CU Fringe Festival, 2004

Acting Experience

Single Carrot Theatre (SCT)

Carl                                      The Baltimore Waltz       Genevieve de Mahy           2007
Fred                                     True Blue                            Giti Lynn                            2007
Snowball                            Martha’s Choice                Jayme Kilburn                   2007
Ensemble                           The Decameron Project   Andrew Metzroth             2006

Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Solanio/Balthasar            Merchant of Venice           Tom Marcus                     2006
Antonio                              Twelfth Night                     Robert Cohen                  2005
Dion                                      A Winter’s Tale                Cyndi Croot                     2005
Tybalt                                  Romeo and Juliet              Joel Fink                         2004
Verges                                 Much Ado About Nothing Jane Page                      2003
Gravedigger #2                 Hamlet                                 James Symons              2003

University of Colorado – Boulder

Segismundo                        Life is a Dream                 Cathy Hartenstein        2005
Henry Clerval                     Frankenstein                     Lynn Nichols                 2005
Ensemble                             Kabuki Peer Gynt            Cecilia Pang                   2004
Johnny                                  Frankie and Johnny       David C. Molloy            2004
Marty                                     The House of Yes             Jessica Hillman            2004
Recruiting Officer               Mother Courage              Lynn Nichols                2003
Mr. Papillion/Café Proprietor    Rhinoceros             Nathan Markewitz       2003
Jean Paul Marat                  The Dance of Angels      Jennifer Seigle-Garcia 2003
Mark                                       A Chorus Line                Carolyn D. Miller          2002
Spectacles                              Chezhan / Bus Stop      Todd Coulter                 2002

Technical and Design Experience


Production Advisor               Pippin                                                                 Carver Center for the Arts, 2013
Production Advisor               As Bees in Honey Drown                               Carver Center for the Arts, 2013
Production Manager             lluminoctem by Single Carrot Theatre        SCT, 2009
Production Manager             Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl                                  SCT, 2009
Production Manager             Slampooned! by Single Carrot Theatre       SCT, 2009
Stage Manager                       La Muneca or “The Doll” by Vital Aza         SCT, 2007
Technical Director                Short Play Festival                                          SCT, 2007


Co-Set Design                        The Ramayana by Peter Oswald                 Carver Center for the Arts, 2014
Set Design                               Bat, Bird, Bike, Box                                        Baltimore Performance Kitchen (BPK), 2013
Set Design                               Romeo & Juliet in Station North                 BPK, 2013
Set Design                               The Long Christmas Ride Home by Paula Vogel  SCT, 2011
Light/Costume/Set Design  The Other Shore by Gao Xingjian                             SCT, 2010
Set Design                                 Tragedy: a tragedy by Will Eno                            SCT, 2010
Set Design                                 Sleeping Beauty                                                         Pumpkin Theatre, 2009
Light Design                            Murder Ink                                                                   SCT, 2008
Sound Design                           The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen                              SCT, 2009
Sound Design                           Crave by Sarah Kane                                                 SCT, 2008